Removing parking lots from the streets eliminates the barriers those cars have become, and creates much free space, with a notable environmental impact.

To get it building underground parking is highly unsustainable. To do it with green parking towers can make kind of urban trees, increasing vegetation in cities, and therefore, improving its environment, and making a new green skyline.

Its structure is prefabricated and made of steel, and its dimensions are 7 x 7 x 40 m, and its capacity: 36 cars. Its construction is light, detachable and reusable, and has got a very efficient use of space.

It’s moved by an electrical engine, which moves a vertical cars treadmill. Solar panels and wind turbines supply the energy.

In this kind of building, made for cars, it’s not necessary an enclosure made of steel, brick or concrete.To cover structure and machinery (and cars) a green enclosure is enough. It’s made by stainless vertical steel turnbuckles located every 50 cm, with creepers hanging on them, and linear plant pots with automatic irrigation (taken from the rain). This “vegetal structure” can be easily changed in case of any problem.